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This is Designden

Designden is a technology, creative design, and branding company.We develop digital products and services for businesses, non-profits, creatives and startups. We are passionate about the magic of design and strongly believe in the power of’story-driven design.’This strategy gives your distinct brand narrative legitimacy, expressiveness, and an irresistible charm.

Our design process

Creative procedure

Step 1


The emphasis is on understanding the project's purpose, target audience, and value, with key information documented, and project goals, features, and timelines discussed with the client.

Step 2


The plan is translated into a sitemap and user flow, followed by sketching and wireframing to generate creative ideas for the website's structure and layout.

Step 3

Final design

Involves adding content and a visual style to the website, drawing inspiration from various sources, and incorporating color theory, imagery, typography, and other design concepts to create a cohesive visual style aligned with project goals.

Step 4


The finalized design is ready for development, and finishing touches are added, with assets exported, and notes on CSS classes or font pairings documented for the development process.

Creativity lives here . Creativity lives here

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